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Weekly Classes



Multidimensional Consciousness & Connection



Time and time again I come to realise just how much we all need frequent opportunity to learn, share and expand our understanding and connection inwards and outwards in order to stay on track with our health, wellbeing, continued development and life in general and remain dedicated to or finding our soul purpose.


I offer these classes in the hope that I can assist each and every one of you to do just that. I aim to share my ever growing knowledge and understanding of the multidimensional world around and within us, of which our physical bodies are but the densest part and our actions and reactions are a part of a web connecting with everything else. The world we live and breath in and we ourselves are so much more than most of us realise!


Each class includes teaching, sharing and meditation or deeply focused exercises to give you tools to develop your multidimensional sensory skills, become more connected, consciously embodied, healthy, self sufficient and empowered, find your way and live the life you have the potential to live.


Eva Kuhl Bornefelt

Teacher & Practitioner of Multidimensional CranioSacral Therapy



Below are some of the topics which may be covered in the classes.


Primary Respiration
Primary Respiration
Primary Respiration & Stillness

Love & Compassion


Healing Your Body
Breath & Oxygenation
Heart & Heart Beat
Connecting with your body with Heart
Connecting with your organs with Heart
Feeling and understanding your Meridians
Constitutional Level Meridians
Central  Nervous System
Love Your Vagus Nerve
Digestive System & sensitivities
Systemic Conditions


Conscious Embodyment
Subtle Body Awareness & Contact
Healing Emtional Traumas
Midline, 3 Centre Presence & Popping the Field
Midline & Body Presence
Midline, 3 Centre Alignment & Grounding
Experiencing from the Heart
Hara Line, Life Purpose & Grounding


Meditation Styles
Single Point Meditation
Candle Flame Meditation
Silent Meditation
Inner Journey Meditation
Cosmic Meditation


Mediation in Movement
Cranial Wave Dance
Walking Meditation
Soul Dancing


Questions & Answers

Questions from the participants answered by Eva & any channelled information coming through at the time.


Spiritual Development
Neutral Unattached Observation
Holding the Space
Holding Higher Frequencies
Keeping the Ego in Check
Remaining Steady in the Light


Higher Connection
Anatomy of Consciousness
Soul Connection
Experiencing Source
Your Cosmic Origins


Multidimensional Connection
Connecting with Plants

Connecting with Insects
Connecting with Birds

Connecting with Animals
Discernment & Energy Prints
Connecting with Loved Ones
Connecting with Guardian & Angelic Realms
Connecting with Fairy & Devic Realms


Multidimensional Anatomy
Four Bodies, Trauma & Illness
Human Energy Field
Chakra Systems
Axiatonal System
Etheric Body & Parts Upgrades
Multidimensional Upgrades
Integrating Multidimensional Bodies


Multidimensional Difficulties
Higher Dimensional Shield & Discernment
Spiritual Dev/Ascension Symptoms
Multidimensional House Inhabitants
Multidimensional Parasites & Implants
Frequency Radar
Subtle Body Reactions to Relationships
Changing negative programming






Class information


Class length: 2-2,5 hours.


Frequency: Weekly during given terms. You can also participate in more than one weekly class.


Time: One morning and one evening per week provided there are sufficient numbers to sustain the classes. Classes may be offered more than twice per week if interest increases.


Home area: Central Coast, NSW. Morning classes usually held in Lisarow. Evening classes may be offered in a different area. Contact us if you have a venue or would like to host the evening class and participate for free.


Other areas: At times classes may be offered in Sydney or Newcastle, when there is enough interest.

Contact us to ask for classes in these areas.


Other states & worldwide: In conjunction with teaching trips to other parts of NSW, other states or worldwide, the classes may be offered as intensives, a number of evenings in a row or several classes put together as workshops during daytime. Contact us to ask for classes to be held in your area.


Distance participation: Participation via skype has been trialled and found to work very well. This makes it possible for non-locals to participate.


It also makes it possible for parents with small children without access to daycare or babysitter to participate to the best of their ability. By keeping the microphone off unless a question is directed to you, the noice of children in the background does not disturb the class. 


We are currently trialling Webinar participation to see if this is more or less optimal than skype. 


Contact us if you wish to participate via skype or webinar.


Recorded classes: In the future it may be possible to buy recorded classes online. This is currently not available. 


Current price locally: For classes held in Lisarow, Central Coast, NSW $20 per class payable in advance per term or class period. 


Paying in advance is necessary in order to ensure enough participants to hold the class.


Price other areas: will be advised when those classes are offered and may vary somewhat depending on cost of venue and travel.


Next class term: Lisarow, Central Coast, NSW

starting in June.


Bookings: Stillness Institute mobile 0450 234494 or info@stillnessinstitute.com.

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