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To register for courses, workshops, seminars and other group events, please follow the steps below.

To book individual Multidimensional Riding or treatment sessions contact us by phone or email.

1.  Read the Terms & Conditions further down on this page before you register for an event.

2.  To register, Send us an email with the following information:

  • Personal info: name, address, mobile no, home no, email address, age, gender, any current health conditions, previous therapeutic/medical training and/or experience


  • Event info: course/ws/seminar name, component, dates, place (can be copied in from the Dates page)


  • Animal events additional info: Wishing to bring number of dogs/horses, level of experience with handling dogs/horses, relevant information about the animals such as species, name, age, breed, state of health and behaviour


  • Newsletter: Want to subscribe to the Newsletter to receive news, event changes and much more: Yes/No


  • Terms & Conditions: I have read the Terms & Conditions as outlined below: Yes.

3.  When we have received your registration, we will send you an acknowledgement of registration by email along with bank details to pay your registration fee and further instructions about full payment of the event.

4.  Pay the registration fee in order to secure your registration.

Your registration is binding. See terms and conditions below.

5.  More detailed information about the event will be sent by email upon receipt of your registration fee.


Venue and event hours may not have been confirmed at the time of your registration. In this case those details will be announced and sent to you by email closer to the date of the event.

6.  A receipt of payment will be sent by email or given out at the event only after full payment has been received.



Terms & Conditions



Registration is only confirmed once the registration fee has been paid.

Registration is binding.

You are required to truthfully give all relevant personal information at the time of registration for contact and identification purposes and to give relevant health information in regards to mental stability or health conditions.

An applicant may be declined to register for an event due to their mental or other health condition.

Full fee payment

Full event fee should be paid at the latest 30 days before the event, unless otherwise stated at the time of registration.

Fully paid events are exempt from fee increases.

If you are registered for an event and have paid the registration fee you are still responsible for paying the full fee, even if you do not show up at the event.


For cancellations later than 30 days before the event there is no refund of registration fee.

For cancellations later than 14 days before the event registration fee and half of the remaining fee are non-refundable. The other half of the remaining fee may be transferred to another event. This is applicable even if the participant has not yet paid the full fee.

For cancellations later than 7 days before the event full fee is non-refundable. In the case of provable due cause like severe illness (proven with doctor’s certificate), death in the family (attested by authority), transport strike with no alternative travel possible due to distance to travel or severe weather making participation impossible, registration fee and half the remaining fee are non-refundable, but the other half of the remaining fee may be transferred to another event. This is applicable even if the participant has not yet paid the full fee.


The event organiser retains the right to change dates, venues, areas, fees and event content as well as cancel an event. In the case of a cancelled or date moved event, which you were registered or had paid full fee for, you will be given the options to receive a full refund of registration/full fee, transfer it to the new dates or transfer it to another event.

Food & Accommodation

Unless otherwise stated event fees do not cover meals or accommodation for you or your animals.

Where snacks are provided within the event fee, the organiser does their best to provide a range of snacks suitable to most. If you know you have certain intolerances or medical conditions which warrant specific foods you are required to bring these snacks yourself. This applies also to meals during events. If the safe or prefered options of foods for you cannot be provided by the establishments which the group may order food from or visit for meals, you are required to bring/supply your own meals.

Animals for event participation

Dogs or horses brought with for course participation have to be disease free an non-aggressive, so they may be in an event environment and in proximity to other animals and humans without danger to themselves or others.

You are required to disclose any health conditions or concerns about your animal at the time of registration of the animal. The animal may be declined to participate due to health or behaviour concerns.

The participant is at all times responsible for the welfare and behaviour of their animals, cleaning up after them (pee, poo or other messes) and ensuring that the animal is not stopping others in shared accommodation from getting adequate sleep. In this case you may be required to try to rectify the sleeping arrangements to a more suitable one for everyone.

An animal brought to the event may, at the discretion of the teacher, be excluded from participation due to handling difficulty or aggressiveness, in order to maintain as safe an event environment as possible.

An animal may also be excluded or reduced in participation due to its state of capacity. This does not necessarily mean the animal is not safe to participate, but it may need more time to process treatment sessions instead of participating in the next session.

Participants will normally not work with their own animals during treatment sessions, as it is often much more difficult to work with those closely tied to us. You will learn much more by working with someone else’s animal.



Payment ways differ denpending on the type of event, the part of the world where the event is held and where you are paying from.

  • within/to Australia
  • within/to Europe
  • within Sweden
Payment options

Courses, workshops, seminars and other group events should be paid in advance by

  • Internet Banking
  • Bank transfer

Individual treatment and Multi-dimensional Riding sessions are paid at the time of the session by


  • Cash (preferable)
  • Internet Banking
  • Bank transfer


Within Sweden payment to the bank account is done via plusgiro

  • Pg 1013990-5

Bank Details

When you have registered for an event, we will send you an acknowledgement of registration by email along with bank details and further instructions about full payment for the event.


You have to pay the registration fee in order to secure your participation at the event.


See also Terms and conditions in the middle column regarding payment deadlines.

Event Organiser

Unless stated otherwise, the events are organised by


Stillness Institute

33 Pineridge Close

Lisarow NSW 2250




Registered business no:

ABN 31112307187


The organiser is fully insured.


Fees for events organised by Stillness Institute alone and held in Sweden do not have VAT (moms) included. VAT does not apply in this situation, as the organiser is a foreign company.

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