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Multidimensional Riding & Connection


Taking riding to a whole new level!


Far from your ordinary riding lessons, these are sessions aimed at assisting the rider and horse to a higher level of functioning individually and as a team, melded in union and in deep connection.


When all is aligned and present in the rider and a deep enough connection has been established between rider and horse a channel opens up to allow soul radiation through the rider, infusing and blanketing horse and rider as one.


Very tangible, fantastic to experience and visually stunning to behold!


See the right column for individual sessions and workshops.


Individual Sessions

Small Group Workshops

Workshops for Riding Instructors


Session work, in individual sessions as well as in workshops, is done with both rider and horse together and individually if necessary.


Assessment and work may be done leading the horse, standing with the horse, in the saddle, in movement, or doing ground work.


Assessment and work includes tack, sensitivity & intolerance, mirroring effects between rider and horse, internal presence, balance, alignment, connection, and the physical or subtle body issues which may be standing in their way.


Multidimensional Riding sessions are best done as a series of sessions with a bit of time in between to practice with your horse. Very few riders are at a level where one session is all they need in order to reach this new level, but many may well experience shorter periods of this state of union and soul infusion during the first few sessions. As with most arts, it takes determination and frequent practice to get there.


In the sessions you will be assisted to get the felt sense of what these blockages may feel like or how that may show up. You will learn which areas tend to return to blocked states so that, when you are riding on your own, you can realise if you are blocked or disconnected and can then focus your attention there to become present, toned, aligned and reconnect with the horse. During the sessions you may also be assisted to heal and understand traumas underlying the blockages.

Field Colouring & Mirroring in Riding or Ground Work


Many horses are empathic in the way that they resonate with their human, who may be their owner, rider (usually both). This means that they often have full on or a shadow of some of the same physical, energetic or mental-emotional issues as that human.


They often resonate in systemic ways with their human as well. If the owner is sensitive to food and/or environment, regardless weather the human is aware of these sensitivities or not, the horse often is as well.


Some times it is not their closest human who is impacting on them the most. It may be one or more people in the near group around the horse, like the owner/rider's  husband or wife, child or person living within the horse's domain.  If the horse has had previous owners, riders or trainers, they may still be carrying some colouring from those people as well.


On top of this when the owner/rider works the horse, whatever is tense, flaccid or not present in the human will be immediately transferred to the horse. This is especially evident in riding, but will also happen when doing ground work. When the rider softens in a certain muscle, so does the horse, and its movement changes accordingly. So if the horse is not doing what you are asking of it, have an internal look at yourself and see if it is you who have an issue, and the horse is merely reflecting it.


In the Multidimensional Riding sessions the rider is assisted to become aware of where they are too tense, where the power is not switched on and where they are not present. All of these are in fact states of non-presence in the body.


In a physical sense this means the muscle, fascia, ligament or body area is not responding and therefore not working in coherence with the rest. Most riders have many places in their body and their subtle body (emotional, mental and etheric physical levels) where they are not present, not quite there.


These states of non-presence in the body are often accompanied by disconnection between the rider's bodies; mental, emotional, ehteric-physical and physical or some of those.


In some riders their mental body is too busy running many programs at once or they are mentally-emotionally preoccupied with a worry or disturbance in their life, which makes their mind not fully present with the task, ie connecting with the body and with the horse. This goes for states of mind as well, which usually transfer to the horse. So if the horse feels dull and doesn't respond, stressed and runs away or "anti" and rebels against you,  have a look at your own mental-emotional state. Are you really mentally fully present and emotionally calm? You can't expect the horse to step up to the plate if you are nowhere near it yourself.


When the areas of non-presence and disconnect are pointed out and contact is made, tense parts relax, flaccid parts get their power switched back on and the rider's essence fills the void. The rider becomes present, aware, multisensory and connected.


Once the rider is fully present in these areas a whole body realignment takes place and ease, balance, grace and connection ensues. If the horse's own blocks, not reflected from the rider, have already been attended to, the horse will follow suit and the horse and rider can become one. 


"It's like I am the horse!" or "I'm wearing the horse!"


are frequent descriptions from the riders who have experienced this. They are sitting in the horse instead of on it.They can feel the horse and the horse's body as if it were their own. Their arms and legs are the horses legs as they dance over the surface. They are the movement they wish to perform.






The Instructor


Multidimensional Riding sessions and workshops are taught by Eva Kuhl Bornefelt, CranioSacral Therapist for humans and animals, founder of Stillness Institute and developer of the style of CST called Multidimensional CranioSacral Therapy.



& Bookings


Enquiries about or bookings for individual sessions and private workshops can be done directly with Eva by email or phone:


ekb@stillnessinstitute.com 0410234490

Central Coast, NSW


For clients outside of Eva's local area, sessions may be booked in conjunction with teaching trips to other areas of Australia as well as worldwide, and on the way there or back.


Individual Sessions


Initial session time is roughly 1h30m, sometimes a little more. Price AU$120.


Follow up session times are usually around 1h long. Price AU$100


At times longer sessions may be needed and can be booked accordingly. Sessions up to 1h30m.

Price AU$120.


A travel surcharge applies for areas further than 30 min driving time from Lisarow, NSW. The surcharge can be shared among a group of people.



Small Group Workshops


An even better way than individual sessions is to do small group workshops, where the riders watch and learn from each other as well as in their own sessions.


The small groups can be closed or open to anyone, depending on the wishes of the participants.


Pricing is the same as for Individual Sessions above.


For enquiries and bookings, see the top of this column.



Workshops for Riding Instructors


This is a 2-3 stage workshop series aimed at teaching riding instructors multidimensional riding sensing and skills, so that they can assist their own riding students towards Multidimensional Riding.



The instructors are the riders themselves and learn MD Assessment and Riding.



The instructors learn to assess, sense and teach MD Riding together as a group with our MD instructor as well as doing MD Assessment and Riding themselves.



The instructors assess and teach MD Riding to students under supervision of our MD instructor as well as doing MD Assessment and Riding themselves.


Email or phone to enquire or book:


ekb@stillnessinstitute.com 0410234490

Int'l +61410234490

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